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Jury Members

John Kojiro Moriwaka 

CEO, Silicon Valley Ventures 

John Kojiro Moriwaka (森若 幸次郎) is a recognized Japanese multi-entrepreneur, columnist, visiting professor, public speaker, rapper (Gifted), and painter (Mutant). He is an advisor of startups to global companies, venture capitals, and a mentor of accelerators. He is a renowned speaker expert on global entrepreneurship and startups, and heavily spends time in Silicon Valley and Harvard to share their best practices with his audiences.

Alana Bonzi

Co-founder Sego Initiative

In Japan since 1996, Trinidadian born, Canadian, Alana, lives in Fujisawa. She began teaching at Keio University, and completed her second Masters degree, MBA with a research focus in corporate social responsibility. 

Past interim director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Alana co-founded SEGO Initiative, a not for profit association, with Michel, her husband. SEGO grew out of the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project that they had started in 2009. They were both born in coastal areas: Nice, France for Michel and the Caribbean for Alana.

So, it was natural for them to look to the ocean and the beach as the best way to reach their aim of bringing people together and giving back to the local community. Volunteers are mainly staff from corporate sponsors, their families and local youth.

Based 800m from the Sagami Bay coast in Fujisawa, the Project has evolved into 3 key pillars: volunteering, public education via citizen science and art, and reconnecting to the marine environment via sailing.

Alana lives in Fujisawa with Michel. They run Soleil Provence French Language School, in Kugenuma, which also serves as the origin and home of SEGO Initiative and Tiwal Japan.

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Daniel Harris Rosen

CEO/ Creative Director / TokyoDex

Daniel Harris Rosen is a Creative Director with over 30 years of experience in the Japanese art industry. He earned his PhD in Fine Arts from Tama Art University Graduate School of Art and Design in 2010. While working as a member of the nascent artist collective "Rinpa Eshidan" during his graduate school years, Daniel also gained experience handling commercial work from corporate clients such as NHK, YouTube, MINI Cooper, and McDonald’s Japan, At the same time, he also pursued his own artistic career in contemporary art, exhibiting his artwork worldwide at venues such as the Honolulu Museum of Fine Art and Art Fair Taipei. In 2012, he founded the art agency "TokyoDex" as a means of bridging the art and business worlds in Japan. Currently, Daniel is based in Tokyo and works on various projects that translate organizational visions into art for clients such as the Embassy of Germany in Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), GREE and Sapporo Beer.

Patricia Bader-Johnston

Representative Director, Freyr Life Sciences

Patricia Bader-Johnston is Country Head of Freyr Life Sciences KK, CBC Japan's 2023 lead sponsor.  Her career has included public and private sector roles over 30 years in Japan, and she has founded several companies spanning sustainability consulting, life sciences, food water and energy sectors.